Back to school, back to school.

After approximately three months since my last class at Vandy, I am proud to say that I am once again a full-time college student. Thank you, thank you.

I started my classes at La Católica on Monday, beginning with my Danzas Folklore class. That’s right, of all people, I am taking a dance class. But my overall lack of coordination doesn’t seem to be a problem, and I am already learning how to do one of the dances that was performed at our orientation!

On Monday I also had my Spanish class, which is called Español Comunicacional y Cultura Chilena. The teacher is really great, and he has a really interesting syllabus planned for us, including field trips to look at graffiti in Valparaíso! And it is also really interesting that, although the class is just for foreign students, we aren’t all from the States! There are also two girls from France, a girl from Germany, a boy from Denmark, and a girl from Switzerland! So there is quite a bit of diversity and makes for interesting discussions in class.

On Tuesday I went to my History of Modern Chile class, which was fine, but there is another class I am interested in that is during the same time period (Art and Culture in Pre-Hispanic Chile), so after attending that one I will be able to choose between the two. The highlight of the class was definitely going back to the History Building/Castle…

Yesterday my only class was my Spanish class, which is in the evening, so I spent the earlier part of my day strolling around Valpo with a few of my girl friends.

That brings me to classes today. Thursday, which will usually be the fullest day I have, was not so full this time around. I started off with my Urban and Regional History of Valparaíso class, which was let out after the professor gave a run down of how the semester will proceed, which took a whopping 20 minutes. Thankfully the class sounds great, so it wasn’t an utter waste of time. My next class was cancelled, so I had ample time to roam aimlessly around Viña before my afternoon classes began. After enduring the most annoying trip to the bank ever (I won’t bore you with the details…) I ended up eating lunch in Plaza Viña del Mar with a couple of my friends.

After lunch I had my two CIEE classes – one, a seminar on “Living and Learning in Valparaíso” during which we basicallly discuss our feelings and our integration process. Our homework for this week is to find a cultural exchange partner, and I think I have someone in mind… a Chilean girl in my dance class that happens to know the program director of CIEE and wants to work with foreign students that come to study in Chile once she graduates from college. I hope she is interested!

My next class was Cultural Geography of Chile, which again, seems like it will be a wonderful class. Today we learned the names of Chile’s 15 different regions, which, because Chile is so long and skinny, are basically stacked on top of each other like a Jenga tower. And, as a bonus, I already found a Sporcle quiz that will help me study them.

Now, because tomorrow I have no classes, my weekend has officially begun! Hopefully tomorrow I will get to spend some quality time in Valpo again; Some of my friends and I have talked about hitting up a museum and getting some quality coffee (they drink instant coffee here for the most part, unfortunately). Tomorrow is also my mom’s birthday, so I will be sending some “feliz cumple” vibes from Viña to Nashville!

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One Response to Back to school, back to school.

  1. Richard Schwartz says:


    Your photos are filled with fantastic, vibrant colors!! Are the people as colorful?

    Loved your posting on “Rico”, still used by your parents as one of my nicknames.

    Uncle Richard

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