Johnny Tsunami

If you have turned on a television or accessed the internet today you are probably aware of the 8.9 earthquake that struck off the coast of Japan, and subsequently the tsunami that hit. Because of the tsunami, the Pacific coast of Chile (which, as a reminder, is where I happen to be) has been on a tsunami warning for most of the day, with an upgrade to tsunami alert happening more recently. But don’t worry, loyal readers, friends, and family, because chances are a tsunami won’t actually hit us, and even if one were to (knock on wood…) because I live on the 10th floor of an apartment complex I am pretty much as safe as one can be. It is just so surreal to think that I am actually in the midst of a tsunami alert.

Even though I know I am safe, since there is in fact an alert, I have stayed home all day, spending most of my time crocheting and watching cheesy movies.


And so now the sun sets on another gorgeous day in Viña del Mar. The alert is supposed to last until just after midnight tonight, so hopefully tomorrow will be just as beautiful, and I will actually be able to leave my house and enjoy it.


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One Response to Johnny Tsunami

  1. Maya Andelson says:

    Wow, gorgeous pictures! I am excited to hang out again and work on learning that song… 🙂 See you at the asado, fellow-blog stalker! Oh, PS – Susanne and I made friends with this lady who owns the little café next to the Mapuche shop…you need to go there with us, it’s awesome.

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