Seafood, hippies, and other delights.

After getting back from Pucón at about 8 am Monday morning, heading to class at 11:45, and getting done at 1:30, I did not go back to bed, though I certainly was a bit sleep-deprived from the bus ride. Rather, several of my friends and I made the somewhat spontaneous decision to hop on a bus and head just north to a city called Horcón, the epicenter for Chile’s hippie movement back in the day. According to Lonely Planet, “these days peace, love and communal living are gone,” but left in their wake a plethora of seafood restaurants and a lovely beach. Obviously we were intrigued. Also, it was our friend Helen’s birthday and what better way to celebrate than with beach, seafood, and ex-hippies?

So we made our way there, and, after our hour and a half bus ride, we stepped out into this sleepy little beach town…and realized how sleepy it really was. I think this picture captures it:

As my friend Amelia put it, “this is the most random day trip. Ever.”

Regardless, we made our way to a coffee shop/restaurant right on the beach and refueled with pear juice and café cortado, wandered around an artisan fair, and found our way to Playa Cau-Cau, another beach in Horcón (fun fact: it used to be the only nudist beach in Chile, but now stripping is optional. We opted out).

Once we had made it to Playa Cau-Cau we were hoping to find a restaurant that we had read about in our trusty Lonely Planet, but to our disappointment, it was inexplicably closed. We shrugged it off however, and lounged on the beach for a while. I even broke out my harmonica to play “Happy Birthday” to Helen.

After a while we headed back in the direction from which we came to dine at a restaurant that had caught Maya’s eye. Good thing too…it was delicious! Maya got ceviche, Helen and Emma each ordered machas a la parmesana (clams bathed in a butter/cream sauce), Amelia ordered a crepe filled with seafood, and Evan and I each ordered paila mariscos, a giant steaming bowl of seafood soup topped with cilantro and served in a clay vessel.

The restaurant even comped Helen a birthday dessert before we took our very full bellies and headed back home, quite content with our mini-adventure.

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4 Responses to Seafood, hippies, and other delights.

  1. I am jealous x 100000000

  2. Marion says:

    Your Aunt Fritzie would of loved the beach picture with the two little girls. I could see her wanting to paint it, and it would of looked lovely on my wall.

  3. Grandma Jean says:

    Ooh, those dishes look good – I want ’em all!

    • Gene Difuntorum says:

      I am your grandmothers (ne Jerry) Jeans friend and next door neighbor in Oroville, Ca. (I also purchased her pontoon boat…remember) and have enjoyed your latin trip to Chile. I envy you very for similiar reason as you are experiencing. Your photos are marvelous and enjoyable. Please continue to enjoy your experience for soon they too will become memories. Later …perhaps. Gene D.

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